Designer Joe Wilson has created a new version of the app that lets people create your own design conversations.

Taking a photo and sharing it on Instagram is an undeniably popular thing to do, but for those who want to exercise a bit more creative control, look no further than Studio Design. Version 2.0 of the app, created by designer Joe Wilson, comes complete with filters and plenty of vector-based embellishments such as text, frames, crops and designs. You can also play off other people’s designs, which makes it just as appealing for those who aren’t overflowing with original ideas.

Unlike the original idea, version 2.0 makes it easier for people who struggle to start from nothing to get involved with the app. It achieves this with a feature called “remix,” which allows you to use another person’s design, with the caveat that you’re forced to use one of your own images. This was done not only to prevent bullying, but also to encourage dynamic “conversations” that could potentially go on forever within Studio Design.

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