IBM's Watson helps dermatologists make diagnoses and a device that lets you conduct medical tests at home. Innovative stories from the world of wellness.

Each week with its partner Boehringer Ingelheim brings you a snapshot of five innovative ideas that are reshaping the health care industry. This week’s innovations include IBM's Watson computer being used to help dermatologists make diagnoses and a device that lets you conduct medical tests at home. Be sure to check out Boehringer Ingelheim’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages to stay on top of all things health.

Why Digital Models Of Our Organs Could Be The Health Record Of The Future 3D software design companies Dassault Systèmes and 3DEXPERIENCE have joined forces on a new venture they’ve named The Living Heart Project to try and combat the challenges posed by cardiovascular disease. The teams developed a realistic 3D model of a human heart featuring software designed to make it function just like the real thing. The model captures the electrical and mechanical behavior of the heart in extremely realistic ways. This could lead to a future where we might all have virtual models of our own hearts, opening the door for personalized diagnoses and treatments. These 3D designs could become the norm for diagnosing and treating heart conditions in hospitals all over the world, where doctors could simulate how a patient might respond to different types of treatment, reducing the risks and potential failures of medications and procedures used today.

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