Lighter Tracks Cigarette Use To Help Smokers Kick Their Habit


Quitbit keeps track of all the data you need to quit, including how much money you're saving.

Lara Piras
  • 14 may 2014

Perfect for consumers in need of a little assistance when it comes to will power and quitting smoking, Quitbit, is a lighter with a difference. The gadget uses a heating element similar to car lighters to light up and counts each cigarette that is lit. This functionality is aimed at encouraging the user to cut down and the number of cigarettes smoked per day and ultimately to quit smoking altogether.


The technology behind it tracks the user’s smoking habits helping them understand when and where their weak periods are to help them resist temptation. The functionalities include the counter that notes each cigarette that’s lit, a tracker that counts how much money the user’s saving as they cut back and the ability for the user to limit when the lighter actually works based on the number of cigarettes they want to smoke per day or per week.


Quitbit connects to the user’s smartphone so they can see clearly all the data the lighter has logged. There’s also an app where users can set reduction targets and begin to understand their triggers. It works well with other smoking-related products such as e-cigarettes and nicotine gum as well as it can also track how much of these products the user is consuming in addition to real cigarettes.

The founders Ata, Kuji, Fred, and Pete, who are smokers themselves explain,

Quitting smoking can be a long journey. We had the idea behind Quitbit when Ata was trying to quit smoking last year while studying at Brown University. When smoking before class, Kuji asked Ata how much he smoked that day. When he wasn’t sure they started to track their smoking and became frustrated with the existing ways to learn about their smoking habits. They teamed up with Fred and few months later they had hacked together their first prototypes.

Watch the video for more information:

Quitbit is currently awaiting pledges via Kickstarter, make your pledge by clicking here.


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