Health Tracker Conducts Medical Lab Tests At Home


Measure fertility, testosterone and so much more with single droplet of saliva.

Ross Brooks
  • 14 may 2014

Surface-level metrics such as heart rate and steps taken can only tell you so much, but a new device called Cue can go much deeper, giving you feedback on fertility, testosterone levels, Vitamin D, inflammation, and influenza. The 3-inch device works with single-use cartridges, and only requires a drop of blood, saliva, or a nasal swab to work. It’s not meant to replace your doctor, but the company hopes the device will give you an alternative to long lines, long wait times, and the unpredictable costs associated with the healthcare system.

Some of the questions the company wanted to address include, “What if people could detect signs of a tumor at the earliest stages? What if people could detect flu as soon as it starts? What if people could see how exercise and food are shaping their bodies at the molecular level?”


Cue works how you would expect it to work, feed it your chosen sample, and the device with perform an analysis before sending the information to an app on your smartphone. Once you’ve performed a few tests over a prolonged period of time, the app will be able give you some feedback in chart form. It also aims to offer recommendations on how you can improve your health, for example, it might tell you to visit the gym if your aim is increased testosterone levels.

As stated on the company website, “We believe our product will fundamentally change the way we interact with the healthcare system by allowing on demand information that you want. With powerful information, we can be proactive about our health, rather than just reactive.”

The only downside of the the Cue is that it won’t ship until Spring 2015, which is a long way away. That hasn’t stopped the company from making the device available for pre-order, which the first 1,000 customers can get for $149. If they sell out, you can still buy one of the units for $199.


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