Honda Creates Bottled Water From Its Hydrogen Fuel Cell Emissions

Honda Creates Bottled Water From Its Hydrogen Fuel Cell Emissions
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The compressed gas car offers a unique new source of H2O.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 may 2014

Honda is a car company known for its sustainable efforts, which is why they wanted to think of a clever way to promote the new Honda FCX, the world’s first mass production car that uses compressed hydrogen instead of petrol. With the help of Leo Burnett Melbourne, they came up with a unique brand of water that is made entirely from the emissions of their new automobile.

Instead of using natural springs, the company’s one-of-a-kind offering uses the water produced from hydrogen emissions, which are perfectly safe to drink. The bottled water is called H2O, and apart from being the first bottled water brand created by a car company, is an ingenious way to showcase the sustainable hydrogen fuel technology Honda is putting to work in their latest model.


Jason Miller, Honda Australia’s General Manager of Communications and Customer Service commented on the new offering.

We believe in ‘The Power of Clever Thinking.’ Our work designing cars like the FCX is the embodiment of this ethos. H2O is an engaging way for us to demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint to people, instead of simply telling them.

Sarah McGregor, head of copy at Leo Burnett Melbourne, added: “H2O is a simple but tactile demonstration of Honda’s clever thinking. The kind of thinking that continues to redefine the car category.”

The H2O water brand was launched at Palace Cinemas across Australia, where it was placed in the drink holders of cinema seats as a free offering. Each bottle has detailed information about the water’s origin, which could also make its way into fridges at Honda service stations and dealerships across the country.

Let’s hope that Honda can continue to develop the proper infrastructure required to put hydrogen-fuelled cars on the road. Once they’ve done that, it would be great to see a less wasteful method of distribution than plastic bottles as well, which are known to cause a huge amount of damage to the environment. As it stands however, this is a great example of solving multiple problems at the same time.

Honda FCX

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