The online video service partnered with Pizza Hut to bring a new type of ad that lets viewers buy food.

Online video service Hulu has announced three new ad innovations, including a new type of ad that lets its viewers order food from Pizza Hut during commercial breaks, without needing to leave the current screen they’re watching.

The new type of ad, which they’re calling “in-stream purchase unit” at the moment, will be rolled out later in the year with Pizza Hut as the company’s partner. The ad unit will enable Hulu’s customers to order food for pick-up or delivery without veering away from the Hulu page. The ad makes it easier for viewers to order food, as well as enables advertisers to target their preferred market at the right time. The ad could become a powerful tool for brands and businesses since they could earn sales without the need to first “advertise” in the typical way.

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