Human-Detecting Fan Only Sends Breeze To People

Human-Detecting Fan Only Sends Breeze To People

This oscillating fan has a sensor that can detect the people around it and adjust to direct itself towards them.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 21 may 2014

In this world of smart technology, companies are coming out with their own versions of devices and appliances that are designed to not only provide consumers with quality products that function as they should, but also help them save energy and cut down on costs. Smart products that have come out recently include air conditioning units and thermostats that use sensors to turn on and off when needed.

In a similar vein, Japanese company Iris Ohyama Inc. has developed its own version of a smart fan, the “Human-Sensing Oscillating Fan,” which has sensors that detect the people around it and adjusts to send the wind towards them.

When it is turned on, the electric fan first swings its head at its widest angle, at 85 degrees, for about a minute to sense the presence and location of a person in the area. After which it then adjusts the horizontal swing of its head to send wind to the direction of the area where it detected the person.


The sensitivity of the sensor can be manually set at three levels – 45 degrees, 60 degrees and 85 degrees. If the electric fan detects more than one person located in different areas, it will alternate between each person. If the fan does not detect a person within its range for about a minute, it will turn off automatically.

The Human-Sensing Oscillating Fan seems to be well-suited to places with a warmer climate and is designed to be not only quite effective in providing cooling comfort to its users but also effective in helping the owners save on costs and energy by minimizing power.

Source: Tech On, Gizmodo


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