Family Tree Ads Highlight IKEA’s Role In The Baby-Making Process

Family Tree Ads Highlight IKEA’s Role In The Baby-Making Process

The company's new print ads feature ancestry charts with pictures of the brand's beds inserted in between generations.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 15 may 2014

Family trees or ancestral charts typically show family relationships dating back several generations and they are pretty much self-explanatory — this member of the family is the child of these two people and he married this other person and then they had this child who later on married this person, and so on and so forth. These traditional family charts can get very detailed, but they don’t really include the “how” and “where” in the equation.

A new print ad campaign by IKEA Germany, however, insinuate “where” folks most probably made their babies.

The new print ads are looking to remind shoppers that furniture most probably played a role in how their family was created. The furniture company’s new campaign was inspired by the traditional family tree concept and throws in their IKEA beds into the family history.

The series of print ads show a typical family tree with photos of IKEA beds inserted in between different generations. The ads feature IKEA bed models dating back to the 1940’s. Each ad also comes with the tagline “Where family starts” placed at the bottom next to the IKEA branding.


The print ad campaign is apparently based on the fact that 10% of Europeans were conceived on one of the brand’s beds.

Each ad in the series also features a different piece of IKEA furniture or product that is not usually part of the bedroom – items like sinks, tables, and washing machines – to also remind folks that, really, any type of furniture can be fair game when it comes to starting a family.

The new print ad campaign was created by German ad agency thjnk, the same agency responsible for the space-maximizing IKEA RGB billboard that turned heads earlier this year.



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