Internet Of Things Dashboard Monitors All Connected Devices In One Place

Internet Of Things Dashboard Monitors All Connected Devices In One Place

Bug Labs built an easy way for you to develop your own IoT apps.

Ross Brooks
  • 1 may 2014

Most of us are already drowning in information, but the “Internet of Things” (IoT) promises a second surge of information over the next few years. To try and make sense of it all, New York-based Bug Labs has created Freeboard, a “ridiculously simple” web-based dashboard that tracks all your internet-connected devices.

Freeboard is the latest piece in Bug Labs master plan; to build a modular development platform that makes building and deploying innovative, enterprise-class IoT applications quick, painless and possibly even fun.

The dashboard is a follow-up to the company’s first module,, which gives you a way to get your device online and publishing data. Combined, you can build fully-interactive user-interfaces, dashboards, control panels… basically, a simple, but solid IoT application.


Bug Labs decided on a modular approach because it helps to address one of the biggest obstacles in IoT product development, there is no solution that will work for every situation. That’s also why Freeboard is open source, so that developers can pick and choose what works for them, and change everything else.

So far, examples include
sensor designed to fit inside a cigar humidor to monitor lid position, humidity and temperature, and a dashboard configured to monitor the environment, security and power usage of a residential home.

Bug Labs also has plenty of additional software modules planned for the next few months. Notifications, data analytics and reporting are all on the drawing board, which should eventually make it faster and more convenient to build your own IoT applications.

Bug Labs

Source: Gizmag

Images: Bug Labs

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