Jackson Pollock Inspired These Paint-Splattered Chocolate Bars

Jackson Pollock Inspired These Paint-Splattered Chocolate Bars
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Unelefante connected with a family of chocolatiers to create hand-painted artisanal chocolate bars.

Daniela Walker
  • 12 may 2014

Unelefante is an online gift shop based in Mexico – but unlike other similar stores, there are no knick-knacks made in China to be found in Unelefante. Rather they pair with Mexican artisans to create unique gifts – like their chocolate range, which looks more suited to a museum than a gift shop.


Tatiana Sanchez, founder and creative director of Unelefante, wanted to add chocolate to the gifts sold in the shop, but instead of sourcing any old brand, she reached out to Jorge Llanderal, a master chocolatier. The first bar they made was inspired by the splatter artwork of Jackson Pollock – with colorful chocolate cocoa butter splashed across the chocolate bar emulating the drippy bursts of color that Pollack was famous for.

Also in the line is their bark chocolate bar, which contains crystallized flower petals, cardamom, and pieces of dry apricots and pistachios. Fittingly it is named El Jardín Secreto – the Secret Garden.


Telling KNSTRCT about these and other creations Unelefante has made, Sanchez explained:

These creations have the ability to generate an unforgettable experience and really make people smile.

Unelefante is not just about creating and curating nice gifts, it is about promoting the artisan and design community within Mexico, reminding consumers that there is beauty in handmade craft – especially when it comes to edible craft.



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