The First Commercial Product Will Advertise On The Moon By 2015


Japanese company Otsuka is planning to send a can of its powdered sports drink, along with etched messages from children on a lunar mission.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 16 may 2014

Japanese beverage company Otsuka is taking part in the first private moon-landing project and the company is planning to send a titanium can filled with its Pocari Sweat powdered sports drink, along with the dreams and messages of children from all over the world.

The company is working with Singaporean company Astroscale and Pittsburgh-based company Astrobotic Technology on what they are calling the “Lunar Dream Capsule Project.” The goal of the project is to travel the over 380,000-kilometer distance to land on the moon’s surface, a distance that is way beyond the International Space Station.

A specially-designed titanium capsule that will weigh 1,000 grams and designed to resemble a Pocari Sweat can will be created by Astroscale. Aside from the powdered sports drink, the capsule will contain children’s dreams and messages that are laser-etched on thin titanium plates. A Dream Ring will serve as a key that can unlock the capsule. Copies of the Dream Ring will be given to the children who submitted their dreams, while 10 of the original Dream Rings will be kept within the companies in the Lunar Dream project.

The dream capsule will be carried to the moon in October 2015 by the Falcon 9 rocket, designed by Space X, and then it will be transported to the surface of the moon by Astrobotic Technology’s “Griffin” lander. The Falcon 9 has already successfully traveled to the International Space Station three times, but the planned mission in October will be the first time that one of the rockets provide propulsion to the moon.

In a press release, Otsuka revealed that it hopes the project will serve as an inspiration to the young children to dream big and become astronauts so they can travel to the moon, claim the Dream Capsule, and “drink Pocari Sweat mixed with water on the moon.”

According to the press release, if the Lunar Dream Capsule Project is successful, Pocari Sweat will become the first beverage to find its way to the surface of the moon.

Watch the video below for more about the project.

Lunar Dream Capsule Project

[h/t] The Verge, BusinessWire

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