A $10 donation will help children in need, and give lucky fans the chance to be in Star Wars Episode VII.

If you had a childhood like mine, odds are you watched and enjoyed the Star Wars movies, practicing your light saber moves around the house and using all your energy to summon the force. Like most children, you imagined yourself as part of the movie, fighting alongside the Jedi and against the Sith – but did you ever imagine that dream could become a reality? Whether you did or didn’t, you should be prepared to be amazed.

The director of “Star Wars Episode VII,” J.J. Abrams has just launched an Omaze campaign giving fans a chance to win a cameo in the upcoming movie. The crowdfunding campaign asks potential funders to make donations between $10 and $50,000, with rewards including T-shirts and limited edition posters, concept art and film screens, an advanced screening of the new movie in your hometown, and of course the chance to be in the film.

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