Kickstarter’s Brooklyn Office Celebrates The Startup’s History With Its Design

Kickstarter’s Brooklyn Office Celebrates The Startup’s History With Its Design

The startup's new headquarters are filled with products funded through their website.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 9 may 2014

Early this year crowdfunding company Kickstarter moved house from the Lower East Side to Greenpoint in Brooklyn.

The new office is located in what
used to be the Eberhard Faber Pencil Factory. Kickstarted worked with Ole Sondresen Architect to renovate the building. They used many sustainable materials in the construction and included reclaimed wood and a lot of industrial details into the space.

The 80-person startup threw a block party at their new headquarters last weekend and opened their new offices to the public for the first time.

Kickstarter’s new main digs are filled with interesting products that were funded through Kickstarter – things like the MIDI Sprout, Cards Against Humanity, and dinosaur sculptures, among others.


The new headquarters include an open space at the center of the multi-story building, lots of green spaces with plants and small trees, and floor to ceiling glass windows that let in an abundant amount of natural light.

The Kickstarter team do most of their daily work in a large open working space with rows of long tables. There are conference rooms and small function rooms down one hallway for those group meetings or brainstorming sessions.

The place also has a stocked library that creates a rustic “old school” feel with its wooden book shelves, workspaces, and furniture. The company has its own theater, reserved for company-wide meetings or when they have guest speakers, and a gallery filled with Kickstarter-funded art.


The company’s cafeteria is inspired by the New York City diner where the cofounders first met. Near the kitchen is a space with vintage arcade games.

The top floor includes some lounge spaces where staff can take a break, relax, and maybe even take a power nap. There’s an open deck with a rooftop garden filled with vegetables, herbs, plants and that aforementioned dinosaur sculptures. The rooftop is fitted with a rainwater irrigation system and also has some outdoor tables and chairs where the Kickstarter folks can enjoy a few minutes under the Brooklyn sky.

Aside from letting people see the new office, the Kickstarter block party also featured different creators who showcased their work, as well as the debut of the gallery and some live musical performances.

View more images of the company’s Brooklyn headquarters here.


[h/t] Business Insider

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