LeapBand Is Wearable Tech For Five-Year-Olds

LeapBand Is Wearable Tech For Five-Year-Olds

The device is a smartwatch and activity tracker for children.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 2 may 2014

Most if not all smart devices and activity trackers out in the market right now are designed mainly for grownups, but it looks like it’s the perfect time for kids to also get in on all the fun.

LeapFrog, maker of educational tech products for children, has unveiled a new smartwatch and activity tracker for kids called LeapBand. The water-resistant device has a high-res color display with backlighting, a built-in accelerometer, and a rechargeable battery. The device doubles as an analog or digital watch.

The LeapBand is suitable for children ages 4 to 7 and is designed to encourage healthy habits and active play by helping the kids take care of a digital pet.

The device lets its young wearers choose among 8 types of pets such as a dog, cat, robot, dragon, unicorn, and more. The kids can name their pets and customize their color.

Aside from feeding, grooming, and taking care of their pets, the wearers can earn points by taking part in up to 50 challenges that gets them active and moving through fun and creative physical activities like “Jump like a frog,” “Hop like a kangaroo,” “Wiggle like a worm,” or “Walk like a crab.” The points they earn allow them to unlock additional challenges, games, or rewards, treats, and toys for their digital pet.


According to the product website, the device helps teach children gross motor skills, health and hygiene, and even nutrition. The device has a Pet Chef feature where kids help their digital pet gather food to create healthy snacks and unlock facts about nutrition.

The LeapBand comes pre-loaded with 14 challenges and parents can set or add more challenges by logging on to the LeapFrog Connect website. Parents can also monitor their kids’ activities through an app or the website.

The activity tracker shows how the wearable fitness technology can be extended to children and shows how healthier behavior can be inspired through educational gaming and activity tracking.

The LeapBand, which costs just under $40 a unit, comes in blue, green, and pink, and is set to be released in August.

[h/t] The Telegraph

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