A LinkedIn Network Designed Specifically For The Creative Class

A LinkedIn Network Designed Specifically For The Creative Class
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A few years after its initial launch, read why Zerply is positioned as the go-to network for creative professionals in the entertainment industry.

Kristen Nozell
  • 7 may 2014

It’s no secret that the workforce today is undergoing a shift, with the creative class spearheading the transition towards a freelance economy. Products and resources (such as this stress ball that helps freelancers stay on task) are becoming more and more prevalent to address the needs of those with project-based work. Zerply is one of these tools, functioning as the LinkedIn for artists and other creative professionals in the entertainment industry whose careers don’t fit neatly into the confines of a traditional resume.

Initially launched in 2010 as a network and portfolio site for creative professionals in general, the platform has recently repositioned as an invite-only community and resource for the top creative talent in TV, film, and games. According to Zerply, that could be ‘animators, compositors, modellers, riggers, previsualization and CG folks, texture and background painters, illustrators, cartoonists, storyboard and concept artists, and character designers, to name just a few.’

Besides being a portfolio site, the network also aims to assist freelance artists in managing their careers and landing their next gig. Zerply ensures that the platform remains high quality by using an invite-only model; interested applicants can submit a portfolio for consideration here. Studios looking for talent can then be confident that they will encounter top quality candidates at Zerply.

Zerply’s new focus on talent in the entertainment industry comes at an opportune time for digital artists especially, with the closure of CGHub last month. CGHub had become a go-to community for gaming and production artists, and its sudden disappearance has left many of these professionals looking for a new outlet to share their work and connect with new opportunities.


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