Lumafit Is A Fitness Tracker And Coach The Fits In The Ear


The device is equipped with sensors and a suite of apps to promote mindfulness and physical activity.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 1 may 2014

Currently on Kickstarter, the Lumafit sensor fits around the ear and is designed to track physical fitness as well as mental fitness.

Though wristband trackers and smartwatches generally rule the world of fitness trackers at the present, “hearables” or ear-worn trackers are also gaining ground in the fitness wearables industry.

Adding itself to the mix of “hearables,” Lumafit is a new fitness tracker built with sensors and a suite of apps for fitness and relaxation. It tracks motion at the head rather than the wrist. The ultra light, compact device is worn behind the ear and includes a clip that is attached to the earlobe. It can track and rate cardio workouts and exercises like sit-ups, lunges, pushups, crunches, squats, and more. It can also monitor the wearer’s heart rate and measure calorie burn, pace and form. According to the developers, Lumafit can track heart rate as accurately as a strap worn around the chest.

The device uses a 3-axis accelerometer to measure head motion, track the trajectory of the head, and identify specific individual motions and continuous motion. It uses optical light sensors to measure heart rate. Hemoglobin absorbs light differently depending on whether it is oxygenated or not, and the optical sensors pick up the waveform that results from the flow of oxygenated hemoglobin through the arteries.


Lumafit’s creators are developing three apps that link with the fitness tracker. The apps are designed to help users get fit physically as well as help them improve their focus and relaxation. The Gym Tracker app tracks gym sessions. The Home Fitness app includes bootcamp sessions to help users burn calories in 20 minutes. The Yoga Breathing app helps users relax with a 10-minute interactive mindful breathing session. The apps can be used with iOS and Android devices.

The Lumafit’s Kickstarter campaign still has over a month to go. Supporters can avail of the Early Bird price of $79 for a Lumafit and expect delivery on October this year. Backers can also purchase the Developer Pack for $299 and get the sensor and SDK. The campaign ends June 7th.


Watch the Kickstarter video of Lumafit below.


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