Martin Margiela’s New Wallpaper Adds A Surreal Touch To Any Room [Pics]

Martin Margiela’s New Wallpaper Adds A Surreal Touch To Any Room [Pics]
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The fashion house created a range of five designs for Belgian brand Omexco.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 may 2014

Admirers of the style and aesthetics of French fashion house Maison Martin Margiela will now have the opportunity to adorn their walls with their designs. The fashion house has just launched its first collection of wallcoverings which feature unique designs that are much more stimulating than the typical chevron or plain taupe colors of the usual wallpapers.

Margiela’s first line of wallpapers, which were created for Belgian brand Omexco, includes trompe l’oeil, reinterpreted motifs, optical illusions and other surrealist touches.

The collection features five design themes – La Paésine, La Mosaïque, Le Rideau, Le Point de Croix, and L’optique. Each design theme comes in various color options.


The La Paésine design features a Tuscan limestone or landscape grain pictured at the bottom. The Tuscan limestone was found by the designers at a flea market. They photographed the stone and enlarged it. The image was then digitally printed on mica dust with non-woven backing. The design comes in a natural, as well as black and white versions.

The La Mosaïque design theme features a traditional, geometric and marble mosaic print that was commonly used in 18th century marquetry. The pattern creates a three-dimensional effect. The print is screen-printed on non-woven wallcovering and enhanced with silver or gold leaf details. The design comes in various colors including turquoise and lapis-lazuli and black; ochre, bordeaux and brown, in fading whites; and in fading greys.


The Le Rideau design theme features a typical Maison pattern with the trompe l’oeil style. The print is screen-printed on textile wallcovering with a non-woven backing. The printing style is meant to create a scattered effect that can be seen from different perspectives. The design comes in white and pearl gray, and blue grey with red.

Le Point de Croix features a bouquet of flowers done in a classic cross-stitch design. The print is screen-printed on non-woven wallcovering and comes in nude, in red and blue with a three-dimensional effect, and a white and silver combination.

The L’optique design theme features a malformed herringbone motif with an optical illusion. The design is screen printed on a non-woven wallcovering with a matte base with a glossy finish. L’optique comes in black and white, white on white, black on black, brown and copper, pearl grey and white gold.

Margiela’s first collection of wallpapers reflects the brand and its way of reinterpreting familiar designs and combining different visuals to create something new altogether.

View more images of the design themes below.






Maison Martin Margiela // Omexco

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