McDonalds Is Crowdsourcing Its Next Line Of Burgers

McDonalds Is Crowdsourcing Its Next Line Of Burgers

The fast food chain invites its British customers to create five new sandwiches to be sold in the fall.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 22 may 2014

McDonald’s UK has just launched a competition for five brand new burgers that they are planning to sell in their UK stores in the fall.


Digital agency Razorfish London created an online burger builder for the fast food chain and invites McDonald’s fans to create their own customized burger. The online burger builder offers different kinds of buns and toppings to choose from, and users can select up to six ingredients from a choice of 80 to create the perfect meal.

To create their own burger, users have to start with a McDonald’s beef patty and select a bun from the 20 different types available. Then they can select other ingredients like the traditional favorites bacon, cheese, onions, as well as a few not so typical but interesting choices like guacamole, pineapple, chorizo, and more.


The burger creators are also encouraged to think of a good name for their burger creations. So far some of the submissions include creations like “Urban Heat,” “Ragin’ Cajun,” “Sweet n Sour Ballbuster,” “The Sweet Swiss,” and “The Beast.”

People who submit a customized burger into the competition are encouraged to spread the word and get their friends to vote for their creation since online votes will be taken into account during the judging.

The burger builder website works across all devices and even include a ticker that provides regularly-updated stats about the submissions and the competition. The ticker spouts off info like “11% of burgers are totally Tex Mex” and “9% of burgers are packing pickles.” The ticker also gives an update on the number of entries submitted so far and the number of votes.

Razorfish worked closely with the fast food chain to make sure that all possible combinations can be made available at scale to the British customers. The digital agency also created spots and other ads to promote the competition to the public.

The competition was just launched this week and will run until June 15th. Winners will be announced on June 29th. The campaign not only lets the public interact with the company’s offerings but also with the brand itself.

McDonald’s Burger Builder

[h/t] AdvertisingAge


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