McDonald’s Reduces Its Menu Into Simple Icons For New Billboards

McDonald’s Reduces Its Menu Into Simple Icons For New Billboards

The fast food chain's new ads feature simple, graphic illustrations of the company's core products.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 may 2014

TBWA Paris has created a follow up to its previous branding-free campaign for fast food chain McDonald’s. Last year the agency created a series of print ads that only featured close-up images of the company’s most popular products, all without any branding of any kind. The branding-free ads included incredible close-up photos of McDonald’s Big Mac, fries, sundae, and more. The close-up images covered the entire ad space and did not include any brand logos or text.

For this latest campaign, TBWA Paris created minimalist ads that feature clean and simple graphic illustrations of McDonald’s products. Each ad also does not feature any branding or text, only a tiny “M” insignia next to the illustrations. The very simple and colored graphic illustrations are set against an all-white background, so that they completely pop out and attract people’s attention.

The series of ads also features the fast food company’s iconic “Big 6” menu products, which include the Big Mac, Cheeseburger, French Fries, Sundae, Chicken Nuggets and the Filet-o-Fish.

The campaign shows just how much the fast food company’s main products are recognizable even as very simple illustrations – which says a lot about the strength of the fast food company’s branding.


The major roll-out of the ads is set on June 2 and the ads will appear on over 2,700 outdoor displays in France. The campaign also includes a new TV spot created by the agency. The TV spot, which was directed by Wilfrid Brimo of Wanda, has been on air since May 12th.

The new TV spot features a bunch of young people going around the streets of Paris and creating some of the simple graphic illustrations of the McDonald’s products with cut-out patterns and paint. In some scenes they go around the streets and pass several of these minimalist ads before they converge on a roof top, just in time for sunrise, and eat, what else, but McDonald’s meals.


Take a look at the new McDonald’s video ad below.

TBWA Paris

[h/t] AdWeek

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