Entire Animated Music Video Colored In With A Felt Tip Pen [Video]


Metronomy are known worldwide for originality when it comes to their video techniques and there latest offering does not disappoint.

Lara Piras
  • 8 may 2014

These days there’s no space for simple music videos, or even simple music promotion (Beyonce’s unexpected release, Wu-Tang Clan’s singular album release), the list could go on, consumers are now demanding more, whether that be going in with the shock factor or simple yet genius touches to their visual art. In this case it’s the latter.


Metronomy‘s new music video for their song Reservoir” taken from their most recent album “Love Letters” is an exceptional, visual nostalgic feast for the eyes. The song appears to be about friendship and longing, and was apparently inspired by an actual reservoir near to the house where composer and singer Joe Mount grew up.


Directed by Daniel Brereton and animated by Matt Lloyd the video looks as thought it’s been made out of construction paper and felt tip drawings taking the viewer back to school days and the hours spent (badly) coloring in, however in this case it adds to the effect, as opposed to hindering it. Throughout the video, the superbly illustrated band
are taken on a journey, moving from Mount Rushmore to the British seaside ending in a scene with witty and genius voiceovers from the band itself.


This celebrated electronic music group aren’t shy when it comes to producing videos and album artwork, back in November the band released their single “I’m Aquarius” via a scientific treasure hunt. They partnered with the Night Sky app, where users received an update notification all at the same time. After installing, they were then able to track down a specific constellation in the sky, accessing the new song once the correct alignment of stars is detected. Find out more about this idea here.

“Resevoir” will be released on June 2. Watch the video below.

Metronomy // Reservoir


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