Gesture Keyboard Lets You Type With Google Glass


Users of the wearable device can tilt their head in the direction of the key they want to hit, and then touch the device to choose the letter.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 19 may 2014

Toronto-based startup Whirlscape has announced that it is working to bring its Minuum keyboard app to Google Glass.

Minuum is a small one-dimensional keyboard that is designed to free up more space on a touchscreen while allowing users to type faster and more accurately. What makes the app work is a specialized auto-correction algorithm that predicts what the user is typing. The algorithm allows the user to miss letters and yet come out with the phrase or message that he or she means to say.

The creators of the keyboard app claim that Minuum is the best way to type with wearable devices, and the startup has created a few proofs of concept and a prototype that shows how the app can be used with Google Glass, even though the keyboard app isn’t available just yet to Google Glass wearers.


In the prototype they have created, the new keyboard for Google Glass lets wearers tilt their head in the direction of the key they want to hit, and then tap the side of the device to choose the letter.


Minuum has also presented other proofs of concept that make use of typical features found in wearable devices, like motion sensors, touch sensors, eye-trackers or gesture recognition. In the near future wearable tech users may be able to type simply by gesturing with their fingers or moving their eyes over a virtual keyboard. A virtual keyboard can be projected onto one’s arm or on a surface and allow the user to type messages as if on a normal keyboard.

The company had a successful Indiegogo campaign for Minuum a while back. Interested users can trial the Minuum for free on their touchscreen devices by downloading the app from the Google Play Store.

Check out the intro video of Minuum’s keyboard for Google Glass.


Source: Mashable, TechCrunch

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