Personal Tracking Helps People Break Their Phone Addiction


BreakFree tracks time spent on apps, number of times screen is unlocked, and more.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 16 may 2014

It’s 8:30am and you’re halfway to work when you realize you left your phone at home. It’s too late to turn around so you carry on, grumbling as you kick yourself for being so forgetful. Luckily, your appointments are in your Google calendar, but you spend the whole day calling your voicemail to see if anyone’s left you a message and checking your Facebook page to see if anyone has responded to your ‘Stupidly left my phone at home, shoot me a message if you need me’ status. You tell yourself all the time that you want to be less dependent on your phone, break the addiction so you don’t have to face another day with phantom vibrations again, but days like this remind you how hard it is to quit this habit. Sadly, you realize you’ll never be able to decrease your phone usage, at least not on your own. That’s where BreakFree comes in.

BreakFree is an Android app that monitors your phone and app usage, keeping track of how often you unlock your screen, how long you spend on different apps, and giving you feedback in an attempt to decrease your phone addiction. In addition, BreakFree not only scores your level of addiction but also allows you to view your data usage frequency daily, weekly, and monthly. For those who have a deeper dependency, this app has phone management tools, such as disabling the internet, rejecting phone calls, and sending auto text message replies saying you can’t talk right now. BreakFree will also notify you to slow down if you are using an app for too long or on a call for longer than an hour.


Available for free in the Google Play Store, BreakFree also offers a list of goals you can work towards achieving. According to The Next Web, the creators of BreakFree are also aiming to establish a social component that would allow people to decrease their phone usage with the help and encouragement of friends.

If you’ve always wanted to decrease your cell phone usage but didn’t know how, look at the video below, then go out and download BreakFree today.

[h/t] The Next Web
Images: Biology of Technology

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