600-Day-Long “Epic Selfie” Takes Viewers Around The World

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Alex Chacon created 360-degree selfies at every major site across the 36+ countries he visited on his motorcycle.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 may 2014

In this selfie age, it’s hard not to browse through any of your social networks without seeing a single selfie from a friend or a complete stranger and feel indifferent, curious, or maybe even envious.

This selfie compilation by motorcycle adventurer Alex Chacón certainly falls in the “enviable” category.

An adventure rider, Alex Chacón spent 600 days traveling around the world on his motorcycle. He brought with him a GoPro camera on a stick, which he used to create 360-degree selfies at major sites across the more than 36 countries that he visited. Chacón took selfies in various places in Europe and in countries like Alaska, Chile, India, Nepal, Mexico, and more. He put these selfies together into a video compilation that has already gained almost 2 million views to date.


The video selfie compilation shows Chacón posing in the jungle, on mountaintops, in deserts, in snow-covered places, and riding on rickshaws, boats, and buses. The video also shows him posing with new-found friends he met on his travels and even with a seemingly indifferent lion.

Chacón documented his travels and his work on his website The Modern Motorcycle Diaries.

Aside from being a motorcycle enthusiast, Alex Chacón is a motivational speaker, a professional photographer, videographer, and presenter. He attends various conferences, events, and film festivals around the globe to talk about the charitable expeditions he takes on different motorcycles and while he tours on different projects. Chacón runs the world’s only motorcycle consulting business for travel in Latin America where he sometimes goes on his motorcycle tours.

Chacón’s 500-day solo round trip from Alaska to Argentina in 500 days is his most famous expedition to date. He went on that expedition to raise money for the Los Ojos de Dios orphanage in Cd. Juarez Mexico and the Children of Uganda in Africa.

Chacón, who is from El Paso, Texas, began his journey by selling everything he had, like his TV, car, clothes and lived on his motorcycle for the next three years. He spent the next three years riding his bike in over 36 countries and driving over more than 200,000 km and crossing more than 75 borders all over the globe.


Check out Alex Chacón’s video selfie compilation below.

The Modern Motorcycle Diaries
[h/t]: Business Insider

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