Fumo is a "smoke pole" that gives a light and sound performance when people dispose of their used cigarettes properly.

Created by Dutch/Turkish design agency ioglo, Fumo is an interactive pole that lights up and plays sounds when cigarette smokers place their used butts into its bin.

The “smoke pole” is designed to encourage smokers to dispose of their cigarette butts properly instead of throwing them on the ground and polluting the environment.

Every time a cigarette butt is thrown into the Fumo pole, it plays a lively tune for five to ten seconds and up to 56 LED's join in with a little light show that corresponds to the tune. The smoke pole has over 50 sound samples programmed into it, so it will play a different tune for every disposal of a cigarette butt. According to the press release, the sound samples can range from a “joyous gospel choir performance” to Homer Simpson's “D'oh!” expression.

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