Synced with an iPhone, this device alerts parents when children wander too far.

Anyone who's ever taken a child to the beach knows the anxiety that comes with it. Sunburn, strangers, jellyfish, and the sea itself are all threats that hinder you from relaxing. In tropical regions like Brazil, those threats easily become a part of everyday life, but other than glancing over your shoulder every second, there's wasn't much more a parent could do, until now. Banking on the idea that moms going to the beach will buy sunscreen, Nivea partnered with FCB Brasil to create a marketing ploy that'll make sure the sunscreen they choose is Nivea. Nivea's latest ad, for Nivea Sun sunscreen, is a print ad with a detachable right side that turns into a trackable bracelet. Customers rip off the bracelet, attach it to their child's arm, then download the companion app. In it, parents can add each child's name to the bracelet and set the maximum distance each child can wander. If the child goes too far, the app sends a loud alert to let you know. Nivea Sun is a swim and sun protection lotion for use by children. The bracelet advertising this product is made of humidity-resistant paper that can be sized to fit any wrist, and can be reworn. A great next step for Nivea might be to include the bracelets in the actual sun-screen packaging, or to sell them separately as a product all themselves. Regardless of where you get the bracelets, and how, this innovative idea is one that will make any beach trip safer and more enjoyable for all those who come.

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