Social Network Deletes Its History As People Post For Maximum Privacy

Social Network Deletes Its History As People Post For Maximum Privacy

Voycee removes past content when users add new updates.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 22 may 2014

Everything on the internet moves at a lightning-speed pace. What one person posts at this moment can get buried under several new posts in a flash. Fortunately or unfortunately, almost everything on the internet also stays on the internet and people can just backtrack through threads or traipse down their online history to find old posts and other seemingly forgotten things.

Not unless you’re posting on Voycee. Voycee is a “history-free” a social network that deletes all the user’s past content every time they post a new update.

Apart from its history-trashing feature, Voycee works like all the other networks. That is, users can post and share text updates, photos and videos, as well as follow other users, follow status updates and photos, like them or comment on them, and even hashtag them. However, the new platform will only keep the user’s most recent post. The next time a user posts a new update, the social network deletes the user’s previous posts, including all likes, comments, tags, and notifications.

Founder Ilfan Radoncic told TechCrunch that Voycee is all about protecting the user’s privacy since the app doesn’t keep any of the users’ old posts on their network. The new social network also allows users to “live in the moment” when it comes to sharing and connecting with their friends and social contacts. Radoncic pointed out that the app lets people have all the fun they want on social media without worrying about old posts or status updates hurting them in the future.

While Voycee’s “history-free” feature could be seen as a secure, anti-NSA measure, it also gives internet folks a breath of fresh air from wading through all the immense amount of online content that people encounter everyday.

The app is currently available on iOS but its creators are working on Android and web versions. Anyone who’s interested in getting notified when the Android and Web versions come out can sign up for updates on Voycee’s website.


[h/t]: TechCrunch


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