Vrban makes it easy for architects to collaborate in the virtual world using the device.

Oculus Rift continues to proves it’s worth outside of gaming, and Vrban is no exception, a tool that lets architects explore and manipulate urban environments in the virtual world. It was created at the TechCrunch Hackathon, held earlier this month in New York, by Angel Say, a software programmer and recent graduate of Columbia University. Built in just 24 hours, the tool could change the way urban planners work and collaborate on important projects.

As Say explained to TechCrunch in a backstage interview, the tool was inspired by an experience he had while attending college. “When I was a student at Columbia, a new science building was erected that currently obstructs about two-thirds of our campus observatory’s view of the night sky. I wanted to make something that would allow people to find these things out before concrete is laid down and it’s too late.”

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