On-Demand Service Pairs Vinyl Records With Cocktails For The Perfect Evening

On-Demand Service Pairs Vinyl Records With Cocktails For The Perfect Evening
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Vinyl Me, Please is a record collecting club where each month, members receive a new vinyl record with a custom cocktail pairing recipe.

Daniela Walker
  • 12 may 2014

Vinyl Me, Please dabbles in nostalgia – for the halcyon days gone by when most evenings ended with a drink and a vinyl playing from the record player. The website acts as a community and club for music lovers who want to discover new sounds on vinyl.


The idea behind Vinyl Me, Please is to build the essential record collection of must-have music. Each month, members receive a new record and along with it the recipe for a cocktail meant to be paired with the album. Alongside that, is also a limited edition art print inspired by the music.

The launched in January 2013, and since then has grown to 600 members. Last month, according to The Daily Progress, the company shipped out 700 lbs of vinyl.


The goal of Vinyl Me Please is to replicate the old record clubs of yore, which were often provided by big labels. Indeed, founder Tyler Barstow, was inspired by the fact that his dad used to attend one. He told The Daily Progress:

We [Barstow and cofounder Matt Fiedler] started talking about vinyl record clubs and why they didn’t exist. My dad had belonged to one that was offered by RCA, and his dad had belonged to one as well. We started looking at what was around, and we weren’t thrilled by what we saw. We had a little free time and a small amount of spare cash, so we decided to start one and see what would happen.

Vinyl Me Please aims to be a portal of discovery about music and to provide personalised listening experiences. The cocktail pairing and artwork seek to elevate the idea of record-listening to an all-out event. Barstow says:

I think in a thousand years we’ll still have vinyl record collections around. Our criteria for an album [are] that it’s saying something true, that it’s worth people’s time and that it welcomes you into this special place. VMP is a service that’s meant to help you explore music on a deeper and more intimate level. And vinyl allows you to do that in unique ways.


Vinyl Me Please

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