With 3D-printed cases and a la carte apps, your smartwatch could rejoin your wardrobe as something that's truly unique to you.

Let's face it – smartwatches aren't the most fashionable members of the watch community yet. They're certainly better than wearing an entire smartphone on your wrist, but especially for people with small hands and wrists, their enormity can overwhelm, and the fact that they were designed by electronics manufacturers and not watch designers, can repel.

Fortunately, customers are no longer restricted to the sporadic releases of companies that may be oriented more toward functionality than appearance. Enterprising developer Jonathan Cook is the first to embark on the path toward such modular, reconfigurable and potentially stylish smartwatches with his simply titled Open Source Watch project, which runs on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and features a microduino processor and 3D-printed case. Though the project remains in its infancy after only nine months, it will soon have compatibility with email, Facebook notifications, and Twitter updates, making it an up-and-coming competitor in the smartwatch race. Cook has even cited the Pebble smartwatch as an inspiration: “I see this first as an open source ‘pebble’ type project,” he has said.

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