Supermarket Has No Packaged Products To Reduce Food Waste

Supermarket Has No Packaged Products To Reduce Food Waste
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Original Unpacked wants to get rid of excessive materials and waste by offering honesty and quality in our grocery experience.

Carib Guerra
  • 22 may 2014

With bright fluorescent lights, flashy colors, and the countless catchy slogans and broad claims, buying groceries can be pretty jarring. Even more so when we consider that those eye-catching packages are destined to end up in the landfill. Is it necessary for our foods to be so loud, or could the future of packaging be a store itself? That’s the idea behind Original Unpacked (Original Unverpackt), a supermarket concept that wants to cut down on waste and confusion by adding transparency to our grocery list.


Instead of the product packaging free-for-all we have now, where each aisle is a barrage of facts and fictions all vying for our trust, Original Unpacked would carefully choose and test each item they offer and present them as they are. Shoppers would be asked to bring their own containers to refill from bulk-bins, produce shelves, or an electric filling station for beverages, where product information, including nutritional information and origins, are clearly labeled.

Not only could this cut down on package pollution, but also on food waste. Sure, savvy shoppers in traditional supermarkets can fine tune their lists and reduce waste by only getting what they need, but often shopping smart means finding deals, and savings up front could leave you with too much food to eat. Not to mention the food that never leaves the shelves. A business model like this could also allow more control in ordering realistic quantities based on demand.


While the minimalist design in the Original Unpacked concept art communicates a sort of high-end food co-op feel, not all of the products available will be necessarily organic. In addition to the creator’s desire that their stores be a resource for shoppers on any budget, the focus will be on local items and those that already have little packaging.


Milena Glimbovski and Sara Wolf, the creators of Original Unpacked, have been working on their business plan since November 2012. Now, after just a few days on startnext, a German crowdfunding site, they’ve exceeded they’ve secured € 88,457, nearly doubling their target of € 45,000, and there’s still 26 days left to pledge.

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