Raspberry Pi Camera Captures Images As GIFs

Raspberry Pi Camera Captures Images As GIFs

The OTTO camera is the first commercial product to use this new computer module and has apps that increase its capabilities.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 20 may 2014

The creation of smartphone apps has allowed phones to have more potential than anyone likely ever thought possible. Voice recordings, virtual personal assistants, and photo editing options all began as apps and are now basic features for smartphones. Until now, cameras were the one electronic device that haven’t taken full advantage of apps. OTTO is changing that.

OTTO is a customizable camera that comes with a number of built-in modes, including a GIF maker, a meme mode, time lapse capability and a photo booth option. In addition, it can use USB or WiFi to attach Arduino boards which grant users access to hundreds of apps which offer additional features. Despite being an actual camera, OTTO automatically shares your images to your phone via a companion app, so people will still get digital versions of their photos. The app allows you to make tweaks to the camera, so that you can extend and hack its capabilities.

OTTO is the first commercial product to use the Raspberry Pi‘s new compute mode, which contains the BCM2835 processor, 512Mbyte of RAM, and a 4Gbyte eMMC Flash device all featured in the original Raspberry Pi. These features have all been integrated onto a small 67.6x30mm board that fits into a standard DDR2 SODIMM connector, and the creators hope that more commercial products will begin using it.


Besides the software, OTTO allows you to add attachments that add to the way the camera works, such as the FlashyFlash which increase image quality and color and an attachable microphone that will allow sound to be paired with the images.

OTTO currently has a Kickstarter campaign and will only be funded if it reaches its goal of $60,000 by June 14th. While the campaign remains active, OTTO camera’s can be obtained for as little as $199, afterwards the price will increase to $249.

For more information, check out the links below.

Kickstarter // OTTO

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