Panic Button Necklace Helps Women Call For Help Discreetly

Panic Button Necklace Helps Women Call For Help Discreetly

The Guardian Angel by JWT Singapore can be pressed to activate a fake phone call or send an emergency text.

Emma Hutchings
  • 28 may 2014

The Guardian Angel is a piece of jewelry that aims to help women live without fear of harassment or violence. It has been launched by marketing communications brand JWT Singapore, in support of AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research).

The personal safety accessory can be worn as either a necklace or a bracelet. It has been designed to resemble the shape of a halo, symbolizing the protection it offers the wearer. The inspiration to develop it came from JWT’s discussions with AWARE, which works to promote gender equality and provides counselling and services to women. Corinna Lim, Executive Director at AWARE, said:

AWARE believes in the rights of women to participate in social and public spaces free from harassment and violence. But especially in a workplace or social scenario, there can be social penalties for confronting harassers directly. The Guardian Angel can help to defuse some harassment situations. The emergency contact function also empowers women to more easily seek help in cases of serious threat.


The Guardian Angel could help women combat harassment and alert emergency contacts when their personal safety is threatened. The wearer can press a button on the pendant once to activate a fake phone call to themselves, or they can hold the button down to send an emergency text to a designated number.

A triggered call could diffuse an uncomfortable situation, offering the wearer an excuse to break away from a harasser in a place like an office or bar. If there is a threat to her personal safety, she can hold the button for three seconds to send an SOS text message to a family member or friend to notify them she is in danger. The text provides them with coordinates and a Google Map link to her location so they can go to her aid.

Available online and sold by Singaporean retailer My Room Retail for $120, 10% of each sale of the Guardian Angel goes to AWARE. The subtle and innovative piece of jewelry could give women who have suffered harassment more confidence in social situations.

The Guardian Angel //JWT

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