Used Water Bottles Become Vegetable Gardens With Special Seed Caps

Used Water Bottles Become Vegetable Gardens With Special Seed Caps
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Petomato saves plastic waste from the landfill by transforming trash into planters.

Carib Guerra
  • 16 may 2014

Petomato is an urban gardening concept that saves plastic bottles from the landfill (or the ocean) by up cycling them into vegetable planters.


Originally from Japan, where the product has gathered a solid following, the Petomato was brought to the attention of Laura and Robert Engels, co-founders of Angel Sales Inc., when a Japanese translator they had hired showed them the gift his niece had sent him for his 50th birthday. They thought it was a great idea and decided to bring it to the US market.


In an email that Laura Engels sent to PSFK, it was easy to catch her enthusiasm about the product, and why not? Petomato seems like a great way to introduce kids to the basic concepts of gardening while offering parents and educators an opportunity to talk about recycling and sustainable practices. Especially for those of us without yard space. Plus, eating food that you’ve grown yourself is an awesome feeling, and delicious!

We see [Petomato] as a mean cross between Chia Pet, Pet Rock, Sea Monkeys, and Topsy Turvy Tomatoes all rolled into one fun novelty item that is educational, silly, cool, and which provides the users with an experience. It is a memory maker that really produces tomatoes 24/7 – 365 days per year.

Setting up Petomato is easy. Just screw it into a plastic water bottle, place your seeds in the cap, and once they’ve germinated you’ve got yourself a baby plant! Congratulations.


Currently you can choose from seven different plants including cherry tomatoes, sweet basil, habanero peppers, arugula, wild strawberries, fresh mint, or italian parsley.


On average Americans use over 150 water bottles per year, but only about 40 of those makes it into the recycling bin. Products like Petomato offer a great way to reuse those bottles. The tasty food is really an added bonus.


If you’re still not convinced, just check out this video. While light on product information, it is jam-packed with actual insanity:


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