Pornhub Crowdsources Its New Campaign Of Safe For Work Ads


15 finalists compete for a one-year creative Director contract.

Ross Brooks
  • 21 may 2014

Porn is an industry that doesn’t have much to hide when it comes to their online ads, but Pornhub has its sights set on a national ad campaign that will include magazine ads and TV slots. They want to create something safe for work (SFW), which is why they asked their fans to submit ideas on a dedicated Tumblr page. To make thing interesting, the person with the best ideas will also get a one-year contract to become Pornhub’s creative director.

The company started collecting ideas in March, but narrowed the submissions down to 15 finalists, all of whom were announced on Monday. If you want to see the onslaught of innuendos that were submitted, don’t miss out on the main Tumblr page, which is SFW. Otherwise, we’ve included a few of the best ideas below that were selected as finalists.

One of the ideas is a collection of stick figures that “hint at all of the kinds of porn Pornhub has to offer but in a very innocent way,” a poster which also helps to raise awareness and promote acceptance of homosexuality and bisexuality. Another shows a man being asked by a woman, “What are you watching?”, to which he replies, “Nothing.” This mildly humorous ad is focused on the idea that “Having sex, and watching sex, have always been taboo,” challenging people to reevaluate their opinion in the process.

Porn might seem like an industry that would never have to advertise, but as you can imagine, it’s also a part of the Internet filled with all kinds of companies, each competing for a slice of your online attention. Whether or not Pornhub’s mainstream campaign will have the desired effect is yet to be seen, but in the meantime, it will definitely provide some amusing material for advertising professionals to discuss at the water cooler.

There were also a couple of video submissions that made the finals, which you can see for yourself.


[h/t] BusinessInsider


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