Comedy Central Roasts Boring Election Materials With Augmented Reality


App highlights cliche and senseless campaign materials.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 22 may 2014

Political candidates tend to use slogans and posters that feature tired, overused cliches and unintelligible phrases that don’t really say anything specific or tangible about what the politicians want to offer to the citizens.

To highlight these types of campaign materials, Comedy Central worked with Berlin-based digital agency UFOMAMMOOT to create an augmented reality app called PosterRoaster that overlaid humorous imagery and words on top of the campaign posters of the European Parliament election candidates.

The PosterRoaster app works with augmented reality technology and turns election posters into funny and entertaining posters with animations, whimsical images, as well as text. By holding up their device to view a particular election poster through the screen of their device, users are able to see the posters come to life in a very interesting way.


According to the app description, the PosterRoaster app is able to recognize, “hijack” and “decrypt” more than 40 posters of the major parties. It is designed to show people what the posters really mean and what the candidates are really saying. The project aims to get people to use their brains and ensure that they give more thought into the slogans and posters that are created during election campaigns.

Comedy Central also worked with agency dirk & philip kommunikation on the project. The collaboration with UFOMAMMOOT was made possible with Schmitz & Wiesner.

Watch the video about the app below.

Source: Gute Werbeng

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