Google May Be Developing A 3D-Imaging Tablet

Google May Be Developing A 3D-Imaging Tablet

The company's Project Tango now contains a new device that can create three dimensional models or maps.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 27 may 2014

Earlier this year Google announced the first product out of its Project Tango initiative — an experimental 3D-mapping smartphone. The smartphone is fitted with sensors that take measurements every second to update the device’s real-time position and orientation, and allow it to create a 3D map of its environment.

Now the company is reportedly developing a new kind of tablet as part of Project Tango. The new tablet will use the company’s experimental 3D space mapping technology.

The new tablet will reportedly have a seven-inch screen and technical specs that are similar to that of the Project Tango smartphone. The tablet will have two back cameras, infrared depth sensors and advanced software that can capture 3D images of objects. With advanced 3D imaging capabilities, the device will be able to investigate the physical world around it and create 3D visual maps of its surroundings.


Project Tango was born out of the company’s Advanced Technology and Projects group and the goal of the project is to come out with devices that can “perceive” space and motion and help users by providing them with three-dimensional models or maps of their environment. The technology can potentially help the visually-impaired navigate through their surroundings by themselves or help people shop for furniture through accurate 3D-maps of their home space. The technology can also be applied to the gaming industry and help create more immersive video games.

When Google came out with their 3D-mapping smartphone it gave away a limited number to professional developers to let them experiment with the platform. Google is reportedly planning to do the same with the new tablets and open them to developers who can come up with various new applications for the technology.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the company is planning to make about 4,000 of these tablets beginning next month and could be released in time for the company’s annual developer conference scheduled for the end of June.

Google is known for letting developers experiment with their new products and technologies to test their capabilities. It has done this with the Google Glass and now with their Project Tango products.

Project Tango

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