Redesigns of popular sites how much more appealing these sites can be and what else we can do with them.

We use sites like Google and Wikipedia every day, but it's very rare that we question these pages' designs – we take for granted the features and elements put before us. The following redesigns show how much further these platforms can be taken, and how much more we can get out of them with a few simple design tweaks.

Here is a rundown of the website redesigns that were featured on PSFK recently.

iPad App Revamps Wikipedia As A Leather-Bound Encyclopedia

The Das Referenz app by design consultancy Raureif turns Wikipedia into a classic encyclopedia. The design of the app was inspired by an 1895 volume of the Meyer's Encyclopedia and emphasizes the value of knowledge as something that should be revered and respected. The app includes a vintage-inspired layout, custom typography, and tanned pages that are supposed to reference the parchment paper composition of old books.

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