Digital Media-Infused Wooden Blocks Will Be The Books Of The Future

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Qleek lets people play songs and videos and share files and photos using wood Tapps.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 16 may 2014

In 2014 a major concern for everyone is saving space. In addition to the numerous storage units popping up in major cities, people are crazed over the thinnest phone and the lightest gadget, so naturally they also want to pack more things into less when it comes to their homes. For many of us, photo albums, CDs, and even books have become a thing of the past–we have smartphones and e-readers that allow us to store a greater quantity of these things in a more compact space. That being said, their is an intimacy that comes with holding a physical object; scanning a friend’s bookshelf or a new acquaintance’s CD collection, something we cannot get from a strictly digital world. Qleek is a new type of media player that combines the ease and compact nature of a digital collection with the physicality of objects, reinventing the idea of a bookshelf and adding a splash of personality to our homes.


Qleek allows you to pick the screen or speaker you wish to view TV episodes, watch movies, listen to music, or browse photos. It uses Tapps, small wooden hexagons, to house these books, songs, videos, and files. Tapps are always in connection with their sources so new content is uploaded and old technologies are updated automatically.

Started by Parisian startup, Ozenge, the creators of Qleek invented the product because the were saddened by seeing their beloved items stuck behind digital interfaces. Qleek has brought these items back into the real world, making them easily playable, sharable, and displayable. Starting today, Qleek can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo for 30 days. For $249, backers will receive a classic Qleek as well as 5 Tapps (additional Tapps can be purchase for $6 each). The estimated delivery date is December 2014.

To see how Qleek works, check out the video below.

Qleek // Indiegogo

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