iPad Interface Mimics The Experience Of Using Real Tools On A Touchscreen

iPad Interface Mimics The Experience Of Using Real Tools On A Touchscreen

This exciting new idea further bridges the gap between human and technology.

Lara Piras
  • 2 may 2014

Human evolution has enabled the powerful use of dexterity and Chris Harrison from CMU’s Future Interfaces Group has found a way to build this ability into our computers.

Harrison has designed TouchTools, a user interface that allows the user to manipulate tools on a touch screen as you would normally in the real world. As opposed to simply typing, tapping and swiping, as we do on the devices many of us have at present, this new idea lets you write as if you were holding a pen, erase as if you were holding a rubber and even measure as if you were holding a measuring tape. Harrison believes the technique provides “fast and fluid mode switching” as opposed to people, especially designers, having to get accustomed to awkward toolbars and systems that are already available.

This concept is a prime example of how gesture design can be used to bring human and technology that little bit closer together and how it can be seamlessly integrated into our day-to-day lives.

Watch the process video below:

TouchTools is only at the experimental stage, however Harrison aims to work on the idea further and one day hopes to make software second nature to humans.

CMU’s Future Interfaces Group

[h/t] Engadget


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