Temporary Tattoo Recipes Lay Out The Steps For The Day’s Meal

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"I Tradizionali" are illustrations of Italian recipes designed to be placed on your forearm while you're cooking.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 9 may 2014

Whipping up some yummy meals in the kitchen while flipping through a cookbook or swiping on a tablet can get messy in minutes since hands tend to get greasy or sticky when cooking.

Interior designer Marina Cinciripini and product designer and illustrator Sarah Richiuso are proposing a unique solution and that is to have the recipe placed on one’s forearm as a temporary tattoo.

I Tradizionali are temporary tattoos of Italian recipes that are meant to be placed on a person’s forearm while they are cooking. The tattoos give new meaning to the phrase “rolling up one’s sleeves” and helps the cook remember the correct order of adding the ingredients and preparing the recipe.


The tattoo recipes are divided into different themes with four recipes each. Each recipe includes the list of necessary ingredients, the amount needed for the recipes, and, of course, the method of preparation required. Each theme also includes a piece of paper with information about the history of the project. The recipes are available in Italian and English.

To apply the tattoo, the user just needs to peel off the protective film, press the tattoo into his or her forearm, and wet the paper with a towel until the tattoo transfers to the skin.

According to the project website, the concept of “combining recipes with the traditional tattoo-culture is what inspired the project’s name and the tattoos’ illustrations.” The creators have decided to add tattoos to the culinary culture and meld the two cultures.


I Tradizionali was initially created for the Premio Lissone Design 2013 competition. The project won second place in the “Ritual” category. It was described as a project that “plays down traditional behavior” and creates an original use of the body as a support tool in the cooking process.

The designers have launched a crowdfunding campaign for the tattoo recipes on Eppela. Backers can purchase a box of tattoo recipes for as low as 10 Euros or about $14. The campaign ends June 4th.

Watch the video below for a demo of how the temporary tattoos work.

I Tradizionali
[h/t] designboom

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