Bracelet Controls Home Devices With A Flick Of The Wrist


Reemo is a "wrist worn mouse" that allows users to make commands with specific gestures.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 9 may 2014

Imagine having the ability to shut off your alarm clock by simply pointing your hand at it and making a “down” gesture. Imagine being able to do the same with the lights in your room, the TV, or even your computer.

A startup called Playtabase has developed a wearable device that lets people do just that.

Reemo is a wrist band that helps users control their environment through different gestures. The device, dubbed by the makers as a “wrist worn mouse,” works by interpreting movement as specific gestures and associating them with certain commands, then transmitting these commands to the host system via Bluetooth. The software system then communicates these commands to the electronics that are linked to it.

The wrist band can be connected to open home automation systems, the user’s Mac or PC computer, as well as appliances and traditional electronics like lamps and fans.

Playtabase CEO Muhammad Abdurrahman cites his father as the inspiration for Reemo as he has suffered multiple strokes and has lost a lot of the mobility in the left side of his body. He wanted to create a device that would help his father with his day-to-day tasks.

He said,

I wanted to give him the ability to interact with his environment easily again through technology. What we’ve created is not only useful but engaging and fun, which has become the focus of our company: creating fun solutions to reinvent your world.

The wrist band helps users slowly free themselves from being too over dependent on their hand-held devices and control the world around them.


The developers of Reemo continue to work on enabling the device to connect to more home automation systems. They are also exploring creating a companion app for the device, as well as an API to allow others to develop applications for Reemo.

In January this year, Playtabase won the international AgePower Tech Search hosted by co-sponsored by Ecumen and MOJO Minnesota. The award earned the company a 6-month pilot collaboration with senior housing and services leader Ecumen.

Watch the video below to see how Reemo works.


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