This Craft Necklace Hides A Fully Functioning Spy Camera

This Craft Necklace Hides A Fully Functioning Spy Camera
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More than just an accessory, Not-A-Camera can take HD videos and secret snapshots.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 9 may 2014

It’s happened to all of us. The inappropriately dressed subway monger, the ridiculous college kid, and of course – the celebrity spotting. It’s a time you saw something you wanted to either save to memory or share for a laugh with friends, but in the process of snapping the shot, the subject spotted your raised phone, and the photo opp was lost forever. With the creation of the Not-A-Camera, all of that is behind you. Now you can take photos on the sly, and never have to worry about giving yourself away again.

‘Not-A-Camera’ is a 1/2 inch thick, laser-cut, walnut wood camera that hangs on a necklace. Despite the name, it is in fact a functioning camera, capable of taking both 3.5 mm pictures and HD videos with audio. This handmade item looks like a fake 2D camera charm, but has a hidden lens and shutter button. The inconspicuous design allows you to take anyone’s picture without them ever knowing.


The ‘Not-A-Camera‘ runs on a 3.6 volt battery and was originally a gift for the designer’s aging grandmother. Brooklyn-based creator Olivia Barr says her grandmother began taking pictures in her 90’s, and Barr wanted her to have one that wasn’t too heavy. Only after the device was created did she realize it was a viable product with a place in the market.


Currently being sold on Etsy for $150, Not-A-Camera has also become a movement. After hearing positive feedback from several clients, Barr began a Tumblr page where users can share footage captured with their own cameras. In addition, Barr has created a mirror-front version of the Not-A-Camera, ideal for taking selfies.


Not A Camera
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