Wearhaus Arc wearers can sync up so that they can listen to the same music together.

To listen to the same music with your friends at the same time, you either turn up the volume, split a pair of earbuds or use an earphone splitter.

Tech startup Wearhaus wants to make music sharing easier and more seamless with its new wireless headphones, the Wearhaus Arc, which can sync with other pairs so wearers can listen to the same music together.

The Wearhaus Arc works with an iOS and Android app, which lets users see what other people around them are listening to, join them if they want, and even broadcast their own playlist. The app lets Arc wearers control how they share their music or sync with others. They can still listen to music even without the app since it works on top of any other app that's playing audio. The app also lets users customize the color and brightness of the light ring on the headphones, as well as set the backlights to sync with friends, pulse in tune with the music, or turn off completely.

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