Bluetooth Strap Retrofits Any Wrist Watch To Become Smarter


Modillian is an intelligent buckle that aims to bring digital convenience to the Rolex market.

Carib Guerra
  • 21 may 2014

As the smartwatch market continues to grow it seems inevitable that one of these intelligent accessories will soon make an appearance on a wrist near you. Now that many people have traded the convenience of their old mechanical watches for a quick peek at their phones that real-estate is pretty much up for grabs. Modillian, an Israeli startup, sees another option at hand.

According to their research there are still plenty of people who would prefer a well-crafted mechanical watch over a shiny screen. Even if that means missing out on the convenient features that a smartwatch promises. To that end, they’ve created the Modillian smart strap, a quality leather strap with a Bluetooth enabled buckle.

While it will lack many features available on any new smartwatch—paired with an Android smartphone it uses vibrations to alert the wearer to incoming calls, messages, reminders, and texts—the creators of Modillian, which is expected to cost around $200 at launch, are hoping to catch the interest of a more discerning market. When reached for comment by PSFK, Eran Reuveni, Co-Founder and CEO of Modillian, had this to say:

“The first edition of the product is targeting high-end consumers, who typically wear quite expensive mechanical watches. Our survey revealed the emphasis these consumers put on the design, quality and finish of the strap, buckle, and generally anything that might get attached to their watch. Hence, Modillian needs to match these expectations. Hence the price.
I am certain that people who buy the Modillian smart strap would be satisfied with the quality and value for money, and would find the smart strap complements even the highest-end watches.”

According to a 2013 report by NextMarket Insights smartwatch shipments are expected to climb to 15 million in 2014, up from just 5 million last year. If these wearable devices are the success they aim to be, that figure could hit 373 million units shipped by 2020.

Modillian will release more information about their product with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on June 10th. At which point the smart strap will be available for pre-order.


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