Lingerie Brand Turns To Snapchat For A Voyeuristic, Vanishing Lookbook

Lingerie Brand Turns To Snapchat For A Voyeuristic, Vanishing Lookbook
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Miss Crofton's new line debuts via the photo messaging app, giving playful glimpses of underwear.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 22 may 2014

When Snapchat first launched in 2011, people were drawn to the idea that any photo or video they sent would soon be hidden from the recipient and deleted from the server. With sexting at its prime, it’s no secret that the app has often been used for sending sexy selfies, but now it’s been taken over by brands. London-based Miss Crofton is no exception.

Miss Crofton is a lingerie brand that sells handmade, vintage inspired garments with a lighthearted feel. Following the idea that lingerie is only ever seen for a few seconds, the creator teamed up with SON who came up with the campaign. Katie Harrison, cofounder of SON, says the way the Snaphat community works allowed the collaborators an opportunity to explore and experiment on the platform.

With the new Miss Crofton collection debuting on Snapchat, each clip will not only showoff the pieces, but also empower women to embrace their sexiness. In addition, the live aspect of the app aids in making the content relevant to the lives of the audience.


Previously, Miss Crofton has produced two classic lookbooks, but their recent Facebook posts promoting the Snapchat launch have garnered positive feedback, including many likes and shares.

Though right now followers are only getting sneak peeks at the collection, as will be the case for the next month, once it is fully revealed the items will be available for purchase on both the Miss Crofton website and in Urban Outfitters stores.


Miss Crofton

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