Why our high-tech society can use the power of privilege to create positive world change.

We increasingly take technology for granted, using apps to make our already privileged lives even more convenient. However, this same technology has the potential to become a tool for change in developing countries where poverty and illiteracy are widespread but smartphone ownership and usage is plentiful. We have the power and the responsibility to use our skills to create digital design to reach and help people in need, offering a helping hand and changing their lives for the better.

Peek Vision really brought this to the world’s attention last summer and is testament to the power and life-changing impact digital design can have. Ranked among the category winners of this year’s Designs of the Year Awards, the smartphone based portable eye examination kit can be used by non-experts to carry out a range of eye health checks to diagnose and prevent blindness in people in low income and remote communities. And initiatives such as this have spawned a wave of amazing new innovations.

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