Travelers Can Leverage Their Social Media Clout To Earn Custom Vacations

Travelers Can Leverage Their Social Media Clout To Earn Custom Vacations

Hotelied allows travelers to cash in on their online influence with hotel deals.

Marnie Kunz
  • 28 may 2014

Hotelied is changing the travel game, by linking travelers with personalized luxury travel offers based on their social media clout and travel rewards programs. Once travelers create a profile and add their social networks, Hotelied pairs them with hotel discounts and vacation packages that match their profiles.

To sign up for big travel savings, Hotelied members first create a profile, linking their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (with Instagram soon to come). Members can add as much or as little information to their profiles as possible, but the more details they add, the more deals they’ll be matched with. When creating profiles, members also link any travel rewards programs they use. The Hotelied search dashboard offers hotel deals specifically suited to each individual’s profile and travel frequency and corresponding hotel discount programs. Some hotels will offer big savings for travelers with a lot of social media clout, for instance, as they want more social media publicity. Other hotels will offer savings for people in specific industries such as business, fashion or entertainment. And some hotels offer discounts for frequent travelers and those with a lot of travel rewards clout.

Hotelied members’ individual profiles are confidential, and are not shared with hotels. The Hotelied matching system does all the matching, pairing hotel criteria for discounts with members’ profiles who meet the criteria. Hotelied personalizes the whole hotel booking experience while allowing members to cash in on their social media clout.

Co-Founders Zeev Sharon and Nick Colletti designed Hotelied as a way to help travelers save money and hotels reach their target markets. By pairing members with luxury hotels and lifestyle properties based on their social media profiles and travel rewards programs, Hotelied offers an innovative search system with a personalized dashboard of travel deals that are different for each member.

Hotelied offers members discounts at four-star and above hotels and “lifestyle” properties. By linking top-rated destinations with influential travelers and social media mavens, Hotelied creates a fun, personalized and mutually beneficial booking system that’s high-tech and high-class.


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