Google Glass Cooking App Offers Hands Free Recipies

Google Glass Cooking App Offers Hands Free Recipies

SousChef provides step-by-step instructions for all your favorite meals.

Ross Brooks
  • 1 may 2014

Reading a recipe off your tablet or smartphone while cooking is a guaranteed way to cover your screen in fingerprints and other sticky marks. Instead, why not try a hands-free cooking app that works with Google Glass? Created by a group of Harvard Business School students, SousChef could be an essential app for the kitchen when Google’s wearable technology finally makes it to market.

The voice-activated app makes it easy for beginner cooks to view step-by-step photos of original recipes, which were developed with the help of local chefs and restaurants in the Boston area. So far there are 20 to choose from, but Means hopes to partner with recipe creators, websites and celebrity chefs to compile a list of “thousands” more before the end of the year.


So far, the app is free to use, but Means has his eyes on monetization, which could include food retailers paying to be featured in the app for when people want to find a good place to buy some unfamiliar ingredients.


Means is well aware of the firestorm that will erupt when Google Glass launches, which is why he wants to make sure he is in a strong position for when the ever elusive launch is announced.

“We think the Google Glass product rollout is going to be the biggest consumer product launch since the iPhone … and we wanted to come up with something that utilized the benefits of wearable technology,” he told the Upstart Business Journal.

h/t] Upstart Business Journal

Images: Shannan Mortimer

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