Square Creates A Suggestion Box Out Of The Digital Receipt

Square Creates A Suggestion Box Out Of The Digital Receipt

The mobile payment service has rolled out a new feature where customers can give feedback to merchants at the register.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 may 2014

Mobile payments services firm Square has launched a new product that turns digital receipts into a feedback platform.

Square Feedback is a new feature that prompts customers to give feedback about their shopping experience directly to the merchants at the register through the digital receipt. In turn, the business owner can also respond directly to the customer and resolve issues one-on-one.

Square has been helping merchants run their business with their credit card reader and Register app. Every time a customer swipes their card with Register, it sends them electronic receipts via email or text. Now, with this new feature, the business owners can request for feedback via these electronic receipts.


In a press release, Gokul Rajaram, Seller Product Lead at Square, said,

The receipt should be more than just a list of what a customer bought. Digital receipts are a natural platform for communication. We’re designing them to add value to the customer experience and extend the interaction between the buyer and the seller.

Square Feedback is integrated into the customer’s digital receipt, which the customer receives via email or text. With just a tap of a button, customers can answer the question “How was your experience?”, provide more details, and also opt to start a conversation with the seller. Square merchants receive an email alert every time a customer leaves feedback and can respond directly using their Square Dashboard. They can also ask follow-up questions or make clarifications via the Dashboard. The merchants can check their Square Dashboard any time and manage the feedback from their customers.

The new feedback service adds value to sellers since it helps them start a dialogue with their customers instead of just reading about their customers’ experience on a third party review site. Sellers also get to receive feedback on a per transaction basis and are able to process them faster, which can help them improve their operations or build their relationships with their customers in a more dynamic pace.

Sellers can get Square Feedback for only $10 a month, but businesses that are still on the fence about the new service can trial the feature for free for 30 days.


[h/t] Wired, USA Today

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