Cheers Lets You Tip Street Musicians With Bitcoin

Cheers Lets You Tip Street Musicians With Bitcoin

Universal tipping platform is a new way to show people your appreciation.

Ross Brooks
  • 22 may 2014

In the wake of music streaming services and the amount of content that gets pirated illegally online, it’s not that easy to show musicians just how much you appreciate their work. One solution is a new platform called Cheers, which lets people tip their favorite artists with the virtual currency Bitcoin. That goes for people who have no way of receiving the digital coins either, such as street performers, and other less well-known musicians.

The idea itself is born from the simple act of throwing a coin into a busker’s guitar case, the only difference being that developers Justin Womersley and Simon de la Rouviere have digitized the process. ‟There are moments where you appreciate a great piece of music, and in that moment of appreciation you want to tip the artist: to say thanks. A token of gratitude,” de la Rouviere told The Daily Dot.


As described on their website, “It’s as simple as using Cheers to identify a song or artist, choose an amount to tip and you’re done.” The company would then safeguard the tips and work with musicians to set up ways for them to convert the money back into a physical currency. If artists aren’t keen, the hope is that their fans will convince them, and failing that, the money will go back into the pockets of those that tried to share it in the first place.

Tipping services already exist, but they work on top of existing communities such as Facebook, or require registration, which creates barriers. Not only does Cheers wants to break down those barriers, but they also want to offer more than a way to hand over money. ‟Cheers will be so much more than just tipping—we want it to be a search and social layer on top of Bitcoin (and payments) the same way Google and Twitter are search and social layers on top of the Internet,” said de la Rouviere.


Cheers plans to launch in beta before the end of August, and will only accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. If all goes well, they want to expand their service outside of just music, offering a way to show appreciation for artists, designers, journalists, and anyone else who might deserve a little token of thanks.


[h/t] TheDailyDot

Images by Gregory Bodnar and Kevin Harber via Flickr

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